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Recorded and mixed on a Tascam 424 mkiii

Snare - SM57
Kick - SM58
Room Mic - Sennheiser e822
Vocals - SM58
Guitars - direct

Gibson Faded SG

Fender Jazz Bass


Homemade Distortion
Way Huge Aqua Puss
Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai

uhh, Ludwig? The cymbals are definitely Zildjians.

Lightly mastered in Logic


released December 3, 2014

Written, performed, and recorded in October and November of 2014 by Joshua Carrafa

Joshua is also in Old Monk:

and Plates of Cake:



all rights reserved


New England Axe Factory Brooklyn, New York

New England Axe Factory is a one person recording project. That one person is Joshua Carrafa. He feels weird writing this in the third person, but he thinks it sounds better than writing it in the first person. He is not sure why.

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Track Name: Chef Helsing
we're seekers in the night
we send our bodies through the sky
we're telling every lie
we've got blood in our eyes

now here's my point of view
i'm telling you what i'll do
i'll put a stake inside of you

we're eaters in the night
we're chewing everything in sight
we're leaders of the hype
we'll wait in every line

now here's my point of view
it's that i'm too good for you
i'll put a steak inside of you
Track Name: Bad Day
it's ok i was gonna leave anyway
bury my bones deep in the clay
'cause it's too early in the day

yesterday you took my breath and put it away
saving up to buy a monet
to display in your chalet

now it's just another occasion of the bloody visigothic invasion
and i find myself defenseless
'cause if you're learning every equation you can calculate my flaws so brazenly and then you'll kick my teeth and i'll need a dentist

so let's say all the allegations portray
a character of minor decay
or maybe major on a bad day

well then hey i have nothing special to say
except an elaborate display
that i'll use a delay

'cause it's just another occasion of a characteristic evasion
that i find myself clinging to

'cause every time i find myself too close to the sun i keep my seat in the proper position
'cause i listen
Track Name: Tender Kicks
sometimes i will pass the time by learning every single rhyme for every word in every book on amazon

sometimes i feel so naive 'cause everyone else surely knows everything there is to know

like how can i explain the words in the refrain
or how many were slain by inquisitors in spain
what if i have to find sometime your pulmonary vein
instead i bruise your lip with the tenderest kiss
but i won't complain

it's right now, i'm panicked
adrift in the atlantic
i'm static, i'm manic
wish i was charismatic

how can i explain the words in the refrain
how you gonna find a shifting sky and what's an abstract plain
how am i gonna use an ice pick if i can't entertain
will you bruise my lip with the tenderest kick
well i won't complain
Track Name: Aloha Empire
is this what you're trying to say
but that's more than yesterday
and that's more than i desire
and now i'm feeling under fire
how can i escape the pressure
when there's so much extra pleasure
how can i curb your desire
and welcome aloha empire

there is only so much energy to divide
i have so many apologies to describe
and i want to show my melodies in the light
but i just don't have the energy or the right

swim through the bottle

there is only so much energy to divide
i have so many apologies to describe
and i want to show my melodies in the light
but i just don't have the energy or the right
Track Name: Uncanny Animals
i'm the king of the crystal castle
i have reigned on the plastic orb
with a quarter in my leather jacket
i crave more money for the brown-haired bunny who was raised on honey in the land of uncanny animals

here with the ghouls and goblins
that i slay with my fiery sword
i have found many hidden treasures
and wasted away many nights and days and sailed through the hay with my lonely cerebellum at the helm

and now i'm breathing underwater
it's an underwater slaughter
'cause i throw fire

and here i feel so god-like
'cause omnipotence is in my wrist
but really i'm just like god because i don't exist